Arriving at the hotel is really an uncomparable experience. A spacious lobby with a reception area and views of the sea and the sky connecting the two buildings, tiered seats, organic decor, it would be hard for you to feel any better.
On to the pool, which is on the seafront and equipped with hammocks, parasols, where you can have a swim and sunbathe, have something to drink, have another swim and sunbathe for a bit longer ... the music is always there, keeping you company while you meet people you might forget tomorrow or never forget again.

We know that if you don´t share certain things, it seems they never happened. As such, we have the perfect photo for the perfect holiday; a terrace, a shower, the sea,the sky ... it will be impossible not to do it, and even less not to share it... Do you prefer swimming in the sea? Well, we have direct access to the beach, of course. Two minutes from your room ... a swim in the Mediterranean.

hotel florida magalluf by universal hotels
hotel florida magalluf by universal hotels
hotel florida magalluf by universal hotels
hotel florida magalluf by universal hotels
hotel florida magalluf by universal hotels
hotel florida magalluf by universal hotels
gastronomy service hotel florida magaluf
best gastronomy hotel florida magaluf
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Being on holiday makes you hungry, doesn´t it? Eating and drinking to your heart´s content will enable you to do whatever you want later on. There´s no rush, just hunger and a desire to enjoy your food. We have everything, and, if you want, you can enjoy it with our All Inclusive service; poke, ramen, wok, salads, hummus, kebabs, pizzas, pasta, Tex-Mex, hamburgers, roasts, fish & chips, hot dogs, crepes, ice cream, pancakes, doughnuts… mmmmmmm.

And we prepare almost everything here, as our chefs believe in good, sustainable, natural and local cuisine. What about you?

Ah! and drinks, believe me, we serve everything you can possibly imagine, and even some that you can´t.

all inclusive service hotel florida magaluf
best all inclusive at hotel florida magaluf
all inclusive hotel florida magaluf by universal hotels


Drinks and delicious preparations at your fingertips in this wonderful All-Inclusive hotel in Magaluf. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Wine, beer, water and soft drinks in the dining room. Maximum of 3 alcoholic drinks per person (beer and wine) during lunch and dinner.
Variety of national drinks without alcohol in the bar from 10.00H. to 23.00H
While the dining room is closed, snacks are available at the bar from 10.00H. to 23.00H.
Coffee, tea, cakes and ice cream from 15.00H. to 18.00H. at the bar.

gym hotel florida magaluf
sports hotel florida magaluf


We are also aware that some people never stop looking after themselves, not even when they´re on holiday, which is a good thing of course. And as we´re located by the sea, between two incredible beaches, all the water sports and games you could possibly wish for are just five minutes away from the hotel. Moreover, if you would rather stay in the hotel, you can also keep fit by using our new gym and CrossFit facilities.

If you want to go for a run, we will show you the best route, and if you want to play golf, we will help you book and get to one of the best courses on the island, just nine kilometres from the hotel. If you want to do sport, do it! If you want to play, play! and if you want to jump ... jump!

just like you hotel florida magaluf
we are like you hotel florida magaluf
we are just like you hotel florida magaluf


We´re just like you, and that´s not a mere manner of speaking. We like to think about what we would like if we were on holiday. That´s why we are attentive, that´s why we always strive to get ahead. We want you to feel freer than ever, happier than ever, and want you to remember us with a smile and a burning desire to see us again after you get home :-)

And we can tell you all this in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or in the language you understand best. Moreover, we can provide you, at an additional charge, with a medical care service, just in case; a laundry service to ensure you´re always smart, and assistance in renting cars, motorcycles and bicycles so you can go wherever you want whenever you want.

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transfer hotel florida magaluf
transfer hotel florida magaluf by universal


Shuttle or a transfer service to the hotel florida, Magalluf,
Request your private transfer or shuttle to the airport now and have everything ready for your arrival at our adults-only hotel. Get information here.
*Reservation available up to 48 hours before arrival

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You are unlikely to ever forget the different shades of blue in the stunning views from our new Sky bar and the incredible Rooftop, because you´re the only thing between Hotel Florida Magaluf and the sea.
If you´ve left something at home or you want to take a souvenir to hold on to when you get back to your day-to-day routine, don´t think twice, stop by our Market place.

We also haven´t forgotten that you like to look after yourself and keep fit when you´re on holiday, which is why we´ve created an outdoor CrossFit circuit and set up an equipped gym for you to enjoy.